Below you can see our Brand Collaborations portfolio, featuring a few of our favourite campaigns from the past two years.




Brand Promotion on @HowFarFromHome Instagram

Since departing on our journey in early 2015, we have managed to grow a very loyal (and highly engaged) community on Instagram. It grows daily, and predominantly covers the 19-35 year old age bracket, across most English-speaking and European countries.


Brand Page Takeovers

By allowing us to have full creative license with your social community (whether it be through your Instagram feed, Instagram Stories, or Twitter) we’re able to bring our energetic zest for life to your community’s screens. We have a great deal of fun doing Takeovers, as we’re able to take your brand’s objectives and play with your brand’s personality and identity, and interpret it for your community’s entertainment.


Brand Promotion on @HowFarFromHome InstaStories

As popularity of Instagram’s Stories continues, we benefit, sharing behind-the-scenes footage and honest, humble, and entertaining snippets of our life on the road. With the ability to tag your brand exclusively, and include direct URLs in the content, the possibilities with InstaStories will only amplify as our community (and the interest in InstaStories) grows.


Dedicated sponsored posts on How Far From Home Blog

For longer-form and ever-green brand storytelling opportunities, our blog sees a consistent readership month on month, touching travel-hungry individuals from all proverbial corners of the globe. Our main readership is from USA, followed by the UK, South Africa, and most countries part of the European Union. Our blog posts are very rich-media-heavy, and allow us to really expand on our creative ideas.


Social amplification on @HowFarFromHome Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

Our total community size across Facebook, Twitter and YouTube sits just above 10,000 followers, and allows us to spread various content pieces to our most loyal fans and community members.

If you’d like to chat more about how we can work together, or you’d like to have a look at our media kit, contact us at
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