Well hello there! We’re really glad to see you’ve come round to our ‘Learn From Us’ page.


We’re busy working on a GROUND-BREAKING, EARTH-SHATTERING, and REVOLUTIONARY online learning platform (did we throw enough ridiculous adjectives in there to excite you?!) so that you too can live this crazy quit-your-9-to-5-and-travel-the-world life that we’ve chosen to live.


Our learning platform is not quite ready yet (launch date set for mid-2017), but we are documenting some of the course development on our Instagram Stories, so follow along as we figure this all out, one day at a time.




We’d also love YOU to help us create a course that can help YOU get on the road. What would you want to know from us? Take this quick survey and help us design the course material. We’ll also be giving some courses away for FREE, so take the survey and join the lucky draw.




Oh, and if it’s simply inspiration you’re after for now, check out our best travel photos here.

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