We’ve partnered up with global bike-sharing system Donkey Republic, and flight and accommodation search engine Momondo, to explore some of Europe’s most esteemed cities, hoping to prove that anywhere, anything, with anyone, at anytime, is simply a bike ride away…oh, and that there’s no better way to explore a city than on two wheels. Follow along in what we have affectionately called our #TourDeDonkey.


Our fourth stop: London, England

The mission: Grow our peloton to see the city with a community


Let’s be honest – experiences are better when shared. In fact, anything is better when shared – even Snoop Dogg would agree saying famously, “it ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have none.” With Snoop’s wise words in mind, and our flight to London booked, we decided to expand our currently-only-a-two-person peloton. Yup, since the last three two-wheeled trips (through CopenhagenMadrid and Berlin) were just the two of us, we decided to shake things up a bit when arriving in London, and gather some troops for a buzzing tour.



Just our luck, the annual international World Travel Market (WTM) conference was taking place in London, ‘round about the time we wanted to explore the city – meaning hundreds of thousands of fellow travel-loving, photographing, (potentially bike-savvy) individuals, all hanging around Big Ben (who is sadly under construction at the moment – so FYI in case you want to capture a #BenSelfie sometime in the next four years…um, you may just have to wait – or ask Ben, the lovely Marketing Manager from Donkey Republic if you can grab one with him instead).

Cue our #TourDeDonkey InstaCycle – an Instagram-inspired photography adventure – like an InstaMeet, but on two wheels, of course. Could there be a better way to see Instagram’s most hashtagged city, ensuring locals and visitors alike could have something new and exciting to add to their InstaFeed? Well, after experiencing our 2hr cycle, through hidden tunnels and iconic locales we can safely say, “no!”



Below is what we are claiming as “the most photogenic bike route of London” (and if you’re lucky like we were, you will also be blessed with one of the most beautiful sunsets). So! If you’re tired of the Tube, too energetic for the red bus, and itching to get your own tribe out and about on two wheels, this is for you:


The Route:


The Photo Stops:


Things To Bring:

  • Camera (or smartphone…or if you’re like us, both)
  • Drinking water (you’ll be cycling for approximately 9km / 5miles so you may need a thirst quencher)
  • Your tribe (because you’ll want to share this experience with your buddies)


Things To Keep In Mind:

London (as you know or can imagine) is extremely busy and crowded (and so are its roads), so please stay safe and alert when cycling. We would recommend getting a bike tour guide (if you can), to take you around and keep you in check whilst you’re snapping away. Max from London Bicycle was awesome, so ask for him if you can!



Lastly, here are some of the pics from our very own #TourDeDonkey InstaCycle, courtesy of the crew that joined, and some we snapped whilst exploring London town:


Today I had an amazing evening on a small instacycle meet up, cycling around London with the @donkey_republic bikes and got to see some new faces talk to new creators and it was a bless🙏🏼 It was amazing to meet the @howfarfromhome that invited us for this amazing experience 🙌 #TourDeDonkey #DonkeyLondon @donkey_republic @howfarfromhome ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————— #beautifuldestinations #sdmtravels #mkexplore #wonderful_places#ignantpicoftheday #hypebeast #moodygrams #agameoftones #passionpassport #bdteam #hallazgosemanal #superarchitects#topeuropephoto #archdaily #HSdailyfeature #instagram #citylimitless #heatercentral #way2ill #instagood #theweekoninstagram #complex #mashpics #earthfocus #snobshots #hsallstars #london

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Exploring beautiful London riding bicycle was a whole new experience for me 😍♥️ . Double tap and tag someone if you love riding Bike 😍♥️👍 . . I was invited by amazing @howfarfromhome to go for a Bike tour in London with @donkey_republic. Honestly speaking i have never rode bike in London before because ama public transport guy 😄. So going for this and riding a bike after 6 years was a whole new experience for me and it was definitely fun riding around London for 2hrs. Found some great photographic spots I've never been to thanks to awesome @londonbicycle tour guide. This is one of the place I've never been to 😍♥️. If you are out in London definitely check out the guys I've mentioned. They have plenty bikes available for hire and fun activities you'd love for sure😍👍 check them out 😊⭐ . . .

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This is the queens garden 😍 for us is just a park, I wish I had a garden like this 👀 do you ? I love taking photographs of cities and new locations and I want to be able to it for living one day 🙏🏼 ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————— #beautifuldestinations #sdmtravels #mkexplore #wonderful_places#ignantpicoftheday #hypebeast #moodygrams #agameoftones #passionpassport #bdteam #hallazgosemanal #superarchitects#topeuropephoto #archdaily #HSdailyfeature #instagram #citylimitless #heatercentral #way2ill #instagood #theweekoninstagram #complex #mashpics #earthfocus #snobshots #hsallstars #visualambassadors #london #dubai

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post created for Donkey Republic and Momondo. We used affiliate links, as each booking made on the Momondo site will help us continue traveling and inspiring others. You can read our full Online Privacy Policy here.

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