We’ve partnered up with global bike-sharing system Donkey Republic, and flight and accommodation search engine Momondo, to explore some of Europe’s most esteemed cities, hoping to prove that anywhere, anything, with anyone, at anytime, is simply a bike ride away…oh, and that there’s no better way to explore a city than on two wheels. Follow along in what we have affectionately called our #TourDeDonkey.

Our second stop: Madrid, Spain
The mission: Showcase Madrid’s diversity


Some say there is no city on Earth, that is more alive. Some say it has an extremely vivacious (and flamboyant) spring in its step. Some say, as the capital of Spain, Madrid can often teach the people living there, how to truly live.

Well, how appealing does that all sound?!

Of course we had to experience ALL of Madrid – the bustle, the art, the food, the nature, the colours…ah, the colours…the energy, the music, the people…did we mention the colours?!

Our Donkey Republic tour of Madrid had to be as diverse as the city itself, so we set off on an exploration (on each of our two-wheels, of course) to try and create a beautiful, melodic, colourful explosion.

We present our latest video – A MEDLEY OF MADRID – showcasing a diverse and meaningful city exploration…which (as we show) often leads to meeting like-minded *ahem, Donkey-riding* people.



Side note: We have heard in the past that Madrid is not necessarily the most “bike-friendly” city out there (it doesn’t, for example, have dedicated bike lanes all over the city – only in designated sections – and it can get a tad hilly), but even despite all of that, 3% of the population does use a bike to get around, and our experience riding the streets of Madrid was certainly a fun one! We saw more than we would have ever seen (if we were only going by foot), and the flexibility of having a bike meant we could go and weave between the many, MANY secret streets and sidewalks – something the city’s Metro would not allow.  


For a look at the behind the scenes of the making of our video, A MEDLEY OF MADRID, and to see some of the cycling sightings, keep reading below…


Steve started by appreciating some urban art


…then parked his bike for a minute, to stroll past the ever-glamorous Palacio de Cristal in Buen Retiro Park.


He admired all the small details of the Old Town.


His bike took him past the San Jeronimo Real


…and over old, cobbled streets in the City Centre.


He got lost in green gardens…


…and amongst pink & orange buildings too.


He stopped to snap a quick “twinsies” shot…


…and then asked himself if it was ok to be 12 again.


He tested his strength, sometimes riding uphill…


…then met a fellow Donkey rider (Chanel), and followed her lead.


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