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Have you ever had one of those projects that are at the back of your mind ALL the time, and you feel like if you don’t do it “one day” you will disappoint yourself forever, but to actually go ahead and get the project done, you need to be left alone in a basement with ‘no distractions’ (read: Internet, baked products, shiny snow globes or puzzles – or anything that might change your mind into actually sitting down and tackling this project)? The kind of project that even the biggest critics of procrastination might avoid eye contact with because, well, it’s such a big and daunting task?

Well, cleaning up our image library from the last 20 months is exhibit A of such a project, and if I told you we woke up in cold sweats often fearing the day we had to actually sit down, go through all 211GB of images and sort through, edit, clean-up and label them in order to put them on-the-line in one succinct package for all the world to see, I would not only be telling the truth, I might be understating a little.

But when you’re blessed with a gorgeous quiet house in a jungle (because you’re housesitting in New Zealand, obvs) a task this YUGE actually seems achievable. And let me tell you – a project we thought would take close to 20 months to complete (ok, that was me exaggerating a little) took a mere 5 days, because, well, we got rid of all the “snow globes” and “puzzles”, and actually got stuck in to doing just this ONE Thing (remind me to write a blog post dedicated to Gary W. Keller and Jay Papasan’s book).

And so, ladies and gents, lovers of jolting and wanderlust-inducing photography, people with walls and people with friends who have walls: we are EXTREMELY proud to announce that we have an online shop where we have placed our best and favorite photos from the past 20 months, and we hope that in some way, this inspires you to tackle your “big task” (because it is worth every bit of the cold sweats and anti-social basement dwelling), to sort through and create your own photography store (yes, I’m talking to you talented photographers and Instagrammers), and to browse through the collection we have compiled, and relive the last 20 months with us and pick and print a bucket list item (you can access the store anytime by clicking on “SHOP” in our main menu at the top, or just visit this link).

If you’d be interested in having one of our photos on your wall (or you’ve already started the festive spree for loved ones), use this coupon code during the month of November to take advantage of our 15% off opening special* (because everyone needs an opening special): IAMATRENDSETTER

*15% off any purchase before 1 December 2016


High fives all round,


You can also find us on Instagram, YouTubeFacebookFacetTwitter and Snapchat, or search for #HowFarFromHome.


Some of the photos you’ll find for sale, printing up to 24×30 inches (610mm x 762mm):


Deadvlei | Namibia

Blue Lagoon | Iceland

Antelope Canyon | USA

New York | USA

Neuschwanstein | Germany


Kallsedet | Sweden


Benagil Cave | Portugal

San Francisco | USA

Lago Di Braies | Italy


You can also find us on Instagram, YouTubeFacebookFacetTwitter and Snapchat, or search for #HowFarFromHome.

  • Anthi
    Posted at 09:20h, 31 October

    So the truth is, we too need to do the exact same thing, clean up and label our travel images. They say the first 10k pics you take will be crap, so I’m trying to justify how on earth we have 120gb of images. This has given me the motivation I needed to just sit down and do it. Thanks for always inspiring the world. Miss your faces <3

    • howfarfromhomeblog@gmail.com
      Posted at 11:16h, 31 October

      Hehe YAY! Can’t wait to see the collection you guys end up with! Miss you guys too! Thanks for pushing us and supporting us xxxxx

  • Anthi
    Posted at 09:21h, 31 October

    Oh! Congrats on the online store! It’s extra super awesome xx

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