Something different from our usual posts…

  1. Because it’s not travel- or creativity-related, it’s more relationship-related (well, it’s the month of love, is it not? So why the hell not); and
  2. Because Stevo has in fact not seen this post (we have always had four eyes look over each post before publishing), so hope he doesn’t mind!

I am smiling a really, really big smile right now. If you could see me, I bet you’d tell me to close my mouth because my whites were blinding you. I’m smiling because I just saw a two-part tweet from a young gent in Lagos who is looking for, as I quote, a

[Part 1]
“Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie with a hint of Chrissie – John Legend’s wife kind of love….”

[Part 2]
“Or the couple traveling the world, running the @howfarfromhome acct on Instagram”.

Someone in Nigeria has ranked us in his top 3 #relationshipgoals. That’s crazy!

Athens Greece | How Far From Home

What’s also crazy, is that Stevo and I have been inseparable for (nearly) 365 days – quite literally doing e-ve-ry-thing together (besides the obvious bathroom things, and one sailing trip Stevo took without me when we were touring the Greek isles, but that only took a few hours). Other than that, it has been just the two of us, non-stop, glued together, seeing each other’s good sides, tired sides, hangry sides and back sides. It’s been just the two of us and our desire to create, travel, explore, and see this fantastic world.

I gotta stop and wonder, ‘how did I get so lucky?’

It wasn’t that long ago (just over a year in fact) when we were living like most serious-relationship-living-together kind of couples, only really enjoying each other’s company for a brisk 30-45min in the morning, a couple hours at night, and some time on weekends (when we weren’t sleeping to recover from the week, or out shopping or socializing with friends and family). We went from spending 30% of our awake time together, to 99.7% of our awake time together.

One could say we are completely head-over-hiking-boot in love. Hell, even Nigerians thousands of kilometers away can feel the love, and we’re not even trying to show it.

Athens Greece | How Far From Home

For the record, Stevo and I are not married. We’ve been dating for nearly five and a half years, since the night of the blind date (yes, our amazing-we-need-to-name-something-after-her-one-day friend Ani set us up back in 2010) and we have endured one of the most fast-paced years of our lives, all whilst staying perfectly happy together.

I’m not saying we haven’t had difficult times. No, no. We’ve argued in public, cried, questioned intentions, and then cried some more. But we’ve certainly come out stronger and more in love because of it all. You could say I’ve found “my weirdo”, as the writer put it in this fun post that popped up in my feed a little while ago.

We’ve been asked by friends, family, and even married couples how we manage to do it. As anyone knows, traveling itself heightens stress levels; between the heavy suitcases, constant getting lost, language barriers, strict budget, lack of sleep, and multiple foreign beds, and to be doing it constantly with no place to call home, one could say we are completely nuts, or f**king hardcore (maybe a bit of both).

Redbull Experience | How Far From Home

What people don’t know though, is that instead of adding stress and increasing the magnitude of frustration, Stevo is actually my stress relief during all of this.

Let’s be honest, whenever we did something large in our life, we did it with other people. Learning to walk and talk for example – we watched our parents and they guided us. School, college, work, books, social media – we are surrounded by people and always have the luxury of asking – for advice, for guidance, for encouragement.

Having Stevo by my side, to wipe my tears, to push me, to listen to my whines and my next world-changing idea, to carry the extra packet (because there’s always an extra packet), to hold my passport, to hold me in the snow, to photograph me on the mountain, to challenge my thinking, to pump the toilet that was blocked when I was cleaning it that one time in Sweden, to carry the heavy rented sled up the mountain, to cook me my food when I was wo-man down, to open my chip packet when my fingers were wet, and my jam jar when my arms were too girly, to bring me tea and breakfast when I was sick and bed ridden, to catch me when I fell off the bunk bed in the Swedish night train, to laugh at me when I picked up an entire un-cut pizza to take a bite out of it, to write our chalkboard number in the 40 degree heat and negative 20 degree snow, to find my lost glasses, to hold me during every flight’s take off, to cycle beside me, to wipe my rear…view mirror in the misty rental, to brainstorm ideas with, to tickle my back while we watch movies, to talk me out of buying that horrible jacket, to enjoy my Noma birthday meal with, to run across train tracks in Florence with, to let me be my absolute true self, and to encourage me to face my fears and come to accept who I am, and who I was born to be, has been the best thing to happen to me.

I would never have taken this crazy trip alone, and I wouldn’t have asked for a better human to say yes to the world with.

Spetses | How Far From Home

So what have I learnt from this experience? Quite a lot actually. There’s several “rules” it seems, to keeping a relationship happy, fresh and growing stronger, so below are my tid bits of advice after spending 24-7-365 with my Stevo:

  1. Compromise.
    Whether you like it or not, you cannot have it your way all the time. In fact, things will rarely go your way, so learning to accept that is vital. There’s also multiple ways of doing things, so know when to push for something, and know when to meet your better half, halfway.
  2. Put the other person first, always.
    Whether it’s making tea, getting a fluffier pillow, carrying the heavy bag, or simply listening to their opinion or point of view, always put them first and follow second. If you both do it, you’ll both end up super happy, all the time.
  3. Communication, not assumption.
    If you want something, say it out loud and spell it out. Don’t assume the other person understands what your funny facial expression meant, or what your exhausted sigh implied. Spelling it out will ensure less confusion, less chance of misunderstanding, and more time to laugh.
  4. Laugh.
    Stop taking everything so seriously. Honestly. Have fun. Ask your person if they’re having fun. If it’s no longer fun, for either of you, move on or change things up. Let excitement be your new relationship goal.
  5. Take time to reflect.
    You’re lucky to be spending your time with the best person in the world (in your eyes). Look back often to see how far you’ve come together – you’ll get all the feel-goods in your tummy and it will guarantee a couple of laughs (or leg splits).

And to my Stevo, all I can say is – I love you now more than ever before. Thank you for growing with me, and for striving for a greater purpose with me.  Thank you for saying yes to this crazy trip in the first place, and for being everything I needed, and more.


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  • Chris Henschel
    Posted at 09:30h, 09 February

    Awesome post Chanel!!! You guys keep rocking it! (PS: its a leap year … just saying :))) )

  • Anthi
    Posted at 11:10h, 09 February

    You two are beautiful together. Most of all, a real life example of how being together all the time can work and can be one of the most rewarding things. I constantly try to dream up ways of being with Bernie, ALL-THE-TIME. Alas, the life journey we have chosen right now wont allow for it. Cherish this special time. You are blessed with a beautiful and inspiring relationship.

  • Suzie Lock
    Posted at 21:59h, 09 February

    Thank you for sharing your ‘how to spend 24-7-365 with someone’, great post, as are all your other post too by the way! I think you can do this when you have found your soul mate. And you sure have. I also have found my soul mate and life together is totally magical… I love him to the moon and beyond. Yes sure there are some downs but that’s what keeps it real. Keep on travelling my friends… Love from a follower x

      Posted at 07:01h, 10 February

      Thanks so much Suzie! I think you’ve hit it exactly – here’s to explorations with soul mates 🙂

  • Joan Frankham
    Posted at 23:04h, 09 February

    You are doing things that not too many people experience, and obviously enjoying every minute of being together. What a wonderful way to live.

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  • Eva
    Posted at 18:20h, 12 February

    This post is só relatable to my relationship. We’ve moved together to Berlin 2 years ago and that was quite an adventure. But living in our small studio-apartment made our love grow and our understanding for each other grow even more. We had no-one and were in this same, new situation in this new big city. We lived small and did everything together. For many it might seem too much but it was perfect for us. Now we’re living a bit bigger and have the working-rhythm.. I kinda miss the old times of sharing almost everything but it gave us some cool rituals as well which I will forever cherish.

    And that was my story I just needed to share after reading so many sweet words. A relationship like this, where you can spend 24/7 with someone for so long is better than anyone could ever imagine. Enjoy each other and the amazing adventures you’ll go through together!

      Posted at 07:09h, 21 February

      Thanks so much for sharing your story Eva! Sounds like you know exactly what we’re going through…I consider us all very lucky 🙂

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  • Patricia Martins
    Posted at 13:49h, 14 February

    I believe this post is the best Valentine´s gift one could get !!! Thank you for sharing your crazy experience with the community.

    Best regards for you both.

  • Ola
    Posted at 12:20h, 15 February

    Dear Chanel&Stevo! You are awesome! Keep together forever 🙂 Buziaki z Polski 🙂

  • Alessio
    Posted at 11:03h, 02 March

    Great article! your project is so inspiring guys! Me and my finnish girlfriend are actually thinking about doing something similar in the future, for now, this is very inspiring and interesting, especially the way you fund yourselves!

    keep goin! 🙂

      Posted at 19:11h, 02 March

      So happy to hear it Alessio! Let us know when you two are on the road and we should meet up to share stories 😉

  • Munir
    Posted at 11:39h, 07 March

    You guys are truly inspiring! Thank you for sharing your experiences and the great pictures here and on Instagram! All the best 🙂

  • Eva
    Posted at 14:37h, 17 March

    I love this!!!!!!!!

  • Jessica
    Posted at 09:22h, 18 April

    I read this again and feel very inspired. I’ve been married 10 years and can relate to a lot of this, but still find I can learn from you. We’re transitioning to a mobile lifestyle and will go from spending 30% of our time together to roughly 99%. Thanks for sharing such personal feelings and details of your life. Truly inspiring to see a couple supporting each other through an adventure like this.

      Posted at 14:19h, 18 April

      Ah so so happy to hear that Jessica! Good luck with your new lifestyle – maybe we’ll see you somewhere in the world 😉

  • CheeLiang
    Posted at 06:47h, 27 April

    Hi Stevo and Chanel, great relationship alao comes with trust and loyalty. The both of you are courageous.
    Keep on rollin’
    Cheers from Malaysia!

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