We’re obsessed with Skillshare. We are genuinely and wholeheartedly in love with it. Little sick? Maybe. But it’s why we feel it necessary to write a whole series dedicated to the knowledge-sharing-and-soul-inspiring online platform.

Imagine being able to break away from everything that’s using up your energy (your work, your friends, your responsibilities), and for [insert course duration] you’re locked inside a room with a passionate individual, as they walk you through their processes, their thinking, and they share all the little tricks they’ve learned in their profession, with you. Amazing! Then at the end of said course, there’s a little pot of gold with your name on it, inspiring you to pick up your [insert creative apparatus here], sending you into the realm of crazy inventiveness. Bliss.

Whether you need to wake up a little earlier, leave work a little later, or simply negotiate a “learning session” with your boss, making time to invigorate and swell your skills, is absolutely necessary. We decided early on in our journey to allocate 90 minutes to learn something new every day, and we’ll be sharing some of our favourite courses (and finished creations) in this series.

Below is our latest post in the Skillshare series, and it features…wait for it…us! Ladies and gents, let us introduce you to Traveling the World on a Budget: Short-term & Long-term Travel – our attempt at squashing everything we’ve learnt about travel in the first 10 months of our journey, into a 28-minute class.

Now, let us assure you right now, that we are not traveling experts. After only being on the road for 10 months, we still have a lot to learn. But…we have definitely picked up a few tricks along the way, and we’ve made a few mistakes which could’ve been avoided, so this class is our attempt at paying it forward, sharing what we know, and making any of your dream trips seem like an easier goal to reach. Sound good? Good!

Skillshare | How Far From Home

So if you’ve been following our journey (or even if you’re a newbie – hello newbie!) and sometimes find yourself asking, “how are they doing it?” or you’re itching to book your next trip but feel like you need some guidance in finding volunteer work, or packing, or even getting mentally prepared for quitting it all to travel the world, our class will hopefully do that, as well as offer some tips, tricks, and real life examples that will get you out on the road ASAP (so you can come say hi and share a drink with us).

If you’re unsure of what Skillshare is and what we’re going on about, it’s essentially an online learning platform that allows you to get into the minds of others. For a small monthly fee, you’re able to browse, save, and enroll in an unlimited amount of classes, covering things like urban photography, digital illustration techniques, logo design, the power of storytelling, traveling the world, and many other creative topics. Basically, it’s the perfect way to learn something new everyday (which as we’ve mentioned before, should be a goal on its own).

Side note: we’ve written several blog posts about our favourite Skillshare teachers, such as Chris Leavens, Chris Burkard, Gareth Pon and Jon Burgerman, in case you want to find out about some of the other classes available.

Skillshare | How Far From Home

We’d love to hear your thoughts after viewing our class (which is available for free for the next week), so share your comments below or on the class tab at There’s also a fun project we’ve created for all our students, which was inspired by our Wanderlist, so make sure you check that out!

Oh, and if you need any more convincing – anyone who enrolls in our class after 15 Jan 2016 will be helping us get further from home, as we’ll be making a little bit of cash from the students who sign-up. So if you’re one of those who do sign-up after 15 Jan – THANK YOU!! We promise to travel plenty and not disappoint!


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  • AudreyCorno
    Posted at 15:38h, 08 January

    Your blog is amazing! The travel photography is the best, which results in a perfect Instagram feed too. Looking forward to future content!

  • Gen Rowe
    Posted at 09:45h, 18 January

    Thank you for sharing all this information! My husbands not going to know what’s hit him!
    Its definitely spurring me on to do the extended trip Ive always wanted! 🙂

      Posted at 15:21h, 18 January

      That’s the best! So happy to hear it 😀 Shout if you have any other questions 😉

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