We all love social media. Admit it – if you’re not glued to your screen, gawking at insanely beautiful outdoor photographs from greats such as Chris Burkard on Instagram, you’re tweeting about seven of the world’s greatest treks that you found on a popular blog. As visual-story-loving wanderlusters, we’re all slightly addicted to our phones, and love staying connected to fellow likeminded travel-lovers (some might say social media is even sucking up our souls, but we’ll leave that discussion for another day). For us, social media is the perfect way to document our trip, and share our many life-changing experiences with you guys, in the hope to inspire you to save your cash, live with less, and come join us for a toot somewhere!

So where are we going with this?

We’d like to share our favourite new obsession with you.

Enter Facet. We think it’s best described as an audio-visual and social curation of travel bliss, teleporting you to fascinating places all around the world. Think Instagram’s art direction, Snapchat’s portrait video takeover, Vimeo’s energetic interaction, and Pinterest’s intuitive organization. It’s a place you can go when you need to escape and be inspired with exhilarating (and sometimes mouth-watering) things to do. There’s no search bar, so your experience is always curated by the best of the best, and if you’re looking for new things to do, eat and experience in either your city, or one you’re visiting soon, it’s the ultimate experience-hunting machine.


Facet | How Far From Home


10-second video experiences, or ‘Facets’, are grouped by places to go, things to eat, and things to see or do. All featured Facets are hand-picked by the Facet 50, who are a collective of 50 creative travelers from around the world, all on a mission to bring the most unique, exciting and delicious experiences to your screen.


Facet | How Far From Home


As walking and talking ambassadors of the ‘collect memories, not things’ motto, we were beyond excited when the guys at Facet got in touch to give us the opportunity to join the #Facet50. We practically jumped out the Tuk Tuk we were riding when we found out, and screamed “yes please!” Naturally.


Facet | How Far From Home


Below are some of our favourite fellow #Facet50 Faceteers (yes, that’s a five word alliteration) who we think you should check out. Oh – and if you want to see our Facets (something a little different from our signature still shots you find on Instagram), have a look-see here, or download the app for yourself here.


Facet | How Far From Home


Ps once you’ve downloaded the app, we’d LOVE to hear your thoughts…and tell us what you think of our, ahem, filming skills 🙂

Check out #HFFH_travels on Instagram, Facet, Twitter and Pinterest for more.

  • Karan
    Posted at 15:48h, 07 December

    Oooooh! This is so fascinating! It’s nice to follow your adventures through your blog and Insta but I checked out a few of your videos on Facet, they look so cool! Definitely downloading and following you guys.

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