These are tiny Yeti Monsters.

Some facts about these hairy woodlouse:

  • Schnapps runs through their veins – it stops them from freezing.
  • You have probably stepped on one, the snow is filled with them.
  • They know what you say about them behind their backs, so if you’re going to spread rumours, spread good ones.
  • The cuter they look, the more evil they are.
  • When two Yeti Monsters high five, baby Yeti Monsters are made.
  • In an average lifetime, they will spend more time digging than not digging.
  • They enjoy Karaoke more than the Japanese.
  • One was found in the Namib desert. He said he was lost. So was the guy who found him.
  • If you listen carefully, and hear them walking on wet snow, it sounds the same as if you were squishing jelly in your hands.
  • They eat yellow snow.
  • Their tears taste like homemade lemonade.
  • Bunnies keep their tales for luck.
  • They leave no footsteps.
  • They all share exactly the same first name.
  • All the motivational posters you have ever seen were written by them.
  • You know that smell of wet dog? Well, they don’t smell anything like that.

All portraits below were approved by them.


The Yeti Series | How Far From Home

Yeti Series | How Far From Home

Yeti Series | How Far From Home

Yeti Series | How Far From Home

Illustrations and photographs by Stevo.

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  • Sally James (@jamesian)
    Posted at 16:29h, 06 May Reply

    Hope you come to Pacific Northwest. Hey, we are on your way to Alaska. Just north of San Francisco. Very creative.

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