8318km // WERFEN // AUSTRIA

8318km // WERFEN // AUSTRIA

Word of the day – WERFEN.  (Ver-fenn)

The first time I heard of it, I thought it was one of those wafers that go so well with tea. You know those hazelnut ones… … … Cool, well it’s far from it. Chanel and myself were asked to go to Werfen with my aunt Romana and, well, you know, being on sabbatical and all, we have the time. So why not?

We jumped onto the Autobahn, and bolted past Salzburg towards the Untersberg mountains (apparently loads of tourists get lost in them every year… and are never seen again; I think I know why – they are all living in the small secluded town of Werfen).

It has a bar, a Gasthof and the most amazing view I have ever seen.

“I need to retire here” – things I say at every small town I visit in Austria.

But seriously, this town is amazing. Not be outdone by the bigger towns in Austria, Werfen is home to the Hohenwerfen – a giant castle sitting just in front of the towering alps. The ‘boytchie’ who owned that back in the day must have lived a hard life.

After stopping for a “kleines beer” at 11am, we moved onto Werfenweng – a smaller town a few kilometres away.

Werfenweng – holy crap, I need to retire here! We drove over an average looking hill, and there we saw a tiny village at the base of the Alps, covered in snow. This was the first time I had genuinely seen proper snow; the peeps casually skiing past could see this too. A South African setting foot in snow for the first time must look ridiculous. I let my country down. Apologies.


Chanel yellow house

Werfen 1

Werfen 2

Werfen house






Chanel werfen weng



Who’s keen?

– SD

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  • tom
    Posted at 15:58h, 20 May

    I really like this contribution, cause Werfen is really near to my place (Großarl). It is interesting how you describe & see this area. Have fun & travel on! All the best, tom

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