Here we are. Post number 1 and, iconically, 50 days until we leave for the craziest journey we’ll probably ever have. Eeeeeeeek! It’s actually sinking in now – we have less than 2 months to finalise travel itineraries, sell the remainder of our stuff, transfer ZARs to EUROs, and get some thermals for the snow (I know right – typical Southern Hemisphereans – no clue what to wear in the snow, ha), before we set off on a trip around the world (ok, technically not around as there will be some back and forth through Europe and then maybe a little up and down Downunder, but ‘around the world’ sounds so much better).

For both of us, Johannesburg has been home since birth. Sure, there have been some (sometimes extended) holidays, both abroad and locally, but the afternoon thunderstorms, manic taxi drivers and largest urban jungle in the world, has been what we have called home for just under 30 years. We’ve both gone to school here, got our first jobs here, and experienced every memorable moment in our lives (including meeting on a blind date) in Johannesburg.

With the countdown already chasing us, and 50 days to go, I thought I’d take this time to reminisce on the 50 things we’ll miss about home, and attempt to experience them all again before we go. Here goes, in no particular order:

1. Cruising the streets of Jozi

2. Home-cooked meals after a hard day at work

3. Sunday walks at the local dog parks

4. Golfing on the weekend

5. Drinks with friends at Jo’burg’s oldest pub, The Radium Beerhall

6. Waking up to a view of the Sandton CBD skyline

7. Weekend thunderstorms

8. After-work gym sessions with gym buddies

9. Spotting beaded wire-animals on the side of the road

10. Steers burgers (and the chips…aaaah, how we’ll miss the chips)

11. Driving through Jacaranda Avenues in full bloom

12. Blowing a vuvuzela at full tilt

13. Shop-a-thons at Mr Price

14. Sunny breakfasts in Parkhurst

15. Watching cricket on a Saturday afternoon

16. Snacking on biltong

17. Live concerts at Soccer City

18. Spending time with family

19. Staying up late to watch the annual Academy Awards

20. Exploring Jozi CBD on Cerebra photowalks

21. Half-price Tuesday movie nights

22. French-toast-offs with Jo

23. Enjoying a couch as a desk at work

24. Waking up to Hadeda and Love Bird calls

25. Petrol attendants filling up the car

26. Fresh fruit (and Chuckles) from Woollies

27. Weekend braais

28. Fresh chocolate croissants from Fournos

29. Basking in the Jozi sunshine by the pool

30. End-of-season sales at Sandton City

31. Friendly neighbours with cute pets

32. Making fresh popcorn before the Sunday movie

33. Sneaky sushi date nights

34. Rushing home from work to catch Masterchef

35. Weekend squash tournaments

36. Pub crawling in Greenside 

37. The charm of the inner city

38. Regular payslips (yes, I think we’ll miss that the most)

39. Emergency garlic, salami and jalapeño pizzas from Andiccios at any time, day or night

40. Unmatched customer service received by our camera equipment supplier, ORMS

41. Strolling through the organic markets all over Jo’burg

42. Boerie rolls (anywhere, anytime – just boerie rolls)

43. Solid Gold Sundays with 702

44. Long strolls around the Johannesburg Zoo

45. Double thick milkshakes at the oldest roadhouse in Joburg, DollHouse

46. The ‘gees‘ of the South African crowd at a sporting event

47. Refreshing Castle Lites after work on Fridays

48. 2-for-1 burger specials at Spur on a Monday

49. Apricot danishes and everything else from Patisserie de Paris in Blairgowrie

50. All the people we’ve met along the way

Calling all the Jo’burgers (those reading Jobest and those who aren’t yet) – what do you love about this city that isn’t listed above? I know Mike has definitely pointed out a few pearlers with his recent post ‘9 Ways To Be A Better Jo’Burger’ (if you live in Jozi and haven’t read it, I sincerely recommend you do).

Perhaps there’s something else we need to experience before we go?


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